Using GTM is one of the easiest and quickest ways to integrate the Yieldify technology.

Add a New Tag

The first step is to add a new tag within your workspace. Click 'New Tag' and name the configuration something like 'Yieldify'. Choose 'Custom HTML' as the tag type.

Build the Tag

Now that we've got the 'Custom HTML' available, we'll want to paste our tag snippet into the box. Once we've done that, we'll need to set a triggering mechanism - because we want the Yieldify tag to work everywhere we'll select 'All Pages' & 'Page View'. We're nearly done so hit 'Save'...

Publishing Changes

Now that we've saved those changes, we'll want to publish the tag live to site. You can see what changes will be made to site under the 'Workspace Changes' section. Clicking 'Submit' will push these changes live and the Yieldify tag will be up and running - simple!

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