Overlays are graphical messages that appear on top of your site when a visitor engages in a certain type of behaviour (for example, showing intent to exit the website or after dwelling for a certain length of time on the page).

You might also know them as ‘pop-ups’ or 'pop-overs', but the aim is the same: to deliver the right message to the right user at the right time in order to encourage conversion. You might want to offer incentives, emphasise important brand messages or point your visitor to key pages – you might even want to ask them for their email address.

Full Screen Overlays

Within the overlay format itself, you can choose between a standard example (like the above) or a full screen variation that pushes to the edge of the users device. This is great for creating gated content, or for when you want to push a promotion.

To configure a full screen overlay, choose a standard overlay in the format selection page. Once you're in the builder check the Expand checkbox in the right panel. At present, full screen overlays only support the use of solid colours. Any background images added will not expand to fill the window.

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