The Call to Action is a staple of any campaign and can be used for a variety of reasons. The actions we have available are listed below:

  • Redirect to URL – Allows you to send users somewhere else by adding the URL to this field,

  • Dismiss – Closes the campaign,

  • Open in a New Tab – Opens a new tab in the current browser with the URL added within this field,

  • Call Number – Calls the number that is listed within this field,

  • Redirect to Dynamic URL – Redirects to a URL using dynamic parameters from the page (contact your CSM to discuss this action in more detail),

  • No Action

  • Submit – Submits details from a form,

  • Next – Sends users to the next stage of a campaign (only applicable to multi-stage campaigns),

  • Submit & Next – Submits details from a form and sends users to the next stage of a campaign,

  • Submit & Dismiss – Submits details from a form and closes the campaign.

Within the component, there are further options to configure your CTA:

  • Additional Action – Custom Action

The custom action can be used by our Technical Solution Engineers to do everything from click tracking to adding items to a bag, to generating coupons. Contact your CSM if you want to discuss a use case for the Custom Action.

  • Additional Action – Click on Element

Our CTAs allow you to replicate the click functionality of any element on the page. Selecting the Click on Element action from the dropdown gives you two fields – Target Selector and Tracking Name.

To replicate a click you'll need to find the CSS target selector of the element you want to emulate. You don't need to know how to code to obtain this and you can do it from your web browser:

Find the element you want to emulate, right click it and hit Inspect. You'll then be presented with the dev tools panel that looks like the below:

From here you'll need to find the parent (or selector) element (you can do this by seeing if there are any expanded arrows above the element you Inspected, you may already have the parent element). Once done, right click on this in the dev tools panel, scroll to Copy and Copy Selector.

The copied CSS selector can then be added into the Target Selector field. The tracking name is used to pass information on the number of clicks performed via this action.

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