The preview app is the easiest way to QA your campaigns before setting them live on site. To turn the app on, simply add #yipreview to the end of the URL anywhere on your site and reload the page. To force the app to stay across an entire session (until closed), you can add #yipreview=true.

We support both desktop and mobile devices - the mobile version of the app consists of a browser toolbar that can be opened into a full screen. This allows you to easily understand how your designs look on any device, rather than just a computer.

Once initialised, you'll see 2 separate sections within the app. We'll break down how each one works below:

Preview Mode

Flipping the switch to turn on Preview mode is the most realistic method to testing your targeting and triggering rules. Preview mode is different to forcing a campaign - whilst forcing ignores all targeting rules, you'll need to fulfil all the criteria of the campaign to get them to appear in Preview mode.

It's important to test your campaigns out in this way to ensure they'll appear to your site visitors. If your campaign isn't appearing, even though you've completed all the actions you expect should show the campaign, you'll know there's an issue. The example below is a campaign triggered on exit:

Force Campaigns

Forcing a campaign is the quickest method to QA your campaigns. By clicking the corresponding button to the campaign you want to preview, you'll immediately see how it looks on site. Whilst it does not respect targeting rules, it's still useful to check how your design appears.

Once you've forced a campaign, the button will go grey. This is because, once shown, you'll need to reload the page to trigger it again (even if you close it).

Some campaign force buttons may appear in grey (in a pending state) to begin with. This is because these campaigns rely on a selector to anchor to, and the selector is not present on this page. Try navigating to the page where the campaign is supposed to trigger and try again. If the problem persists then there may be a configuration error with your campaign that your account manager may need to investigate.

Forcing Split Types

When running an A/B test, you'll most likely want to preview both creatives. To force a certain split, you can simply refresh the page with #yipreview&yitest= and then the split you want - as an example, forcing an A split would be #yipreview&yitest=a .

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