For basic personalisation, there are 3 targets you should consider adding to your campaign. In this article, we'll briefly explain each one:

User Type

This allows you to split your audience by new or returning user. Yieldify views a new user as a website visitor that has arrived on your website for the first time.

If you have Google Analytics set up, Yieldify is able to use these cookies to determine their new or returning status regardless of when you installed the Yieldify tag. If you are not using GA, Yieldify will view a visitor as new from the point when the Yieldify Conversion Platform was first installed.

Customer Type

Customer type targeting allows you to show campaigns to visitors based on whether they have purchased or not purchased from your website in the past.

This target does not take a certain time frame into account and will consider anyone who has made (or not made) a purchase from the time the Yieldify tag was installed on site.

Device Type

Device targeting allows you to decide whether to show the campaign to visitors browsing your website on Phone, Tablet, Desktop or All devices.

Basket Value

Basket value targeting allows you to show campaigns to visitors based on the total value of items currently in their basket. You can choose to show campaigns only to users who have basket value above, below, or in between a certain value.

User Lead Type

User Lead Type targeting allows you to target campaigns at visitors depending on whether they have or have not submitted a lead form in the past. This targeting option considers all visitors who have ever submitted via a Yieldify campaign at any point of time prior to the present moment.

At present, you cannot use your own email database to include within this target as we cannot tie this information to any of the unique IDs we use to identify site users.

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