Campaign history targeting allows you to target campaigns based on whether a user has or hasn’t already seen, clicked on, or closed another Yieldify campaign within a set time frame. It’s a great way to coordinate your experiences for website visitors throughout their onsite journey and across multiple sessions.

There are 3 options you'll need to fill in for this target.

Select an Action

In this dropdown, you have 3 choices. Whether a user saw a campaign, clicked on it or closed it. The distinction between the last two items is that a close is when a user crosses off or escapes a campaign, whereas a click only refers to interacting with a CTA (this might be a lead submission form or a redirect).

Choosing click as the action will open another dropdown for you to select from. If the campaign being targeted has more than one CTA in the creative, you'll be able to target any of them or choose an individual one.

It's important to note that if you're running a campaign on both desktop and mobile and want to target on a single CTA, you'll need to make sure you select this CTA for both the desktop and mobile designs as they will have different element IDs.

Choose a Campaign

In this input, you'll need to select the campaign you want to target on. Click into the field to see a full list of campaigns and start typing to narrow this list down. Once you've found the item you want, select this to continue.


In the two remaining fields, you'll want to select both a number of units and a timeframe. You have the choice between seconds, minutes, hours and days, all of which mean you can target within a single session or across multiple. The input field to the left only supports numbers so be sure to include the right type of unit.

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