The timer, exit and inactivity trigger are easy to setup and come ready to use out-the-box. Here, we explain how each works and how to implement them:


The timer trigger can be set to trigger a campaign when a user passes a set limit of seconds on a page. Setting a timer to 3 seconds would mean that the campaign in question will only trigger for any user who has spend >3 seconds on any page that the campaign targets.


The exit trigger works on desktop devices when a user breaks the browser barrier (where your URL and bookmark bar sit). On mobile and tablet, this works when a user swaps tabs or enters another application. When they return to their browser, the campaign will have appeared.


The inactivity trigger is similar to timer but only works when a user has not moved their cursor, typed or touched their screen for a certain period. Setting an inactivity timer for 3 seconds would require a user to not interact with the site at all for this window, at which point the campaign would trigger.

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