In 2020, Google announced that CLS, cumulative layout shift, will become a ranking factor when Google’s Page Experience Update is launched in June, 2021. It is important to note that CLS ranking will make up a small proportion of the overall scoring (5%). Yieldify has been monitoring developments relating to this key update for several months, building an effective solution for any website where required.

This includes:

  • Leveraging Google’s Web Vitals testing extension and Lighthouse to validate CLS scoring of both current and upcoming Yieldify experiences,

  • Updates to the Yieldify platform which include optimizations for tag speed,

  • Implementing extra measures in Yieldify’s QA process to ensure Google does not identify campaigns as a negative CLS scoring risk,

  • Modifications to our campaign building process,

Yieldify would like to reassure customers we do not expect the update to negatively impact any live campaigns when it launches in June. However, as the official ranking has not been released at the time of publishing this article, we will not know for certain until this takes place.

In the event the update does negatively affect your ranking, we will work with you to implement a solution immediately and have added extra resources to accelerate this process. Additionally, we will not count any Yieldify campaigns associated with negative CLS scores as part of your credit allocation.

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