Banners sit flush against the top, bottom or side of the screen. Use them to encourage browsers to sign up to your newsletter, highlight flash sales to returning customers or cross-sell to customers with items in their cart.

As with all formats you can change the position of the banner by choosing its location in the properties drop down. You can also adjust the margins if you’d like to determine how close to the edge of the screen the banner sits. Banner campaigns are centred at the top of the screen by default.

The recommended dimensions for Banners are:

  • Desktop / tablet: 1000px x 50px

  • Mobile: 700px x 70px

If you're using a background image then this will not be responsive past the dimension breakpoints set in the properties section i.e. if my width is 1,000px, anyone with a wider browser window will have a small gap either side of the creative. To make sure this does not impact the campaign, select a background colour that matches the image.

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