With URL targeting, you can target the pages your campaigns will show on using a combination of inclusion and exclusion rules. You can do this by entering the entirety of a URL or a specific part to only display the campaign in those locations.


Targeting every single item from a category page could be done using the common category path that each location shares:

  • https://example.com/category-a/product-123

  • https://example.com/category-a/product-abc

Targeting an individual item from the above list could be done using the individual identifier in the URL:

  • https://example.com/category-a/product-123

  • https://example.com/category-a/product-abc

URL Selection

There are a range of ways to outline the URLs you want to target which can be done using the items listed below:



Include All

Includes all URLs from the site

Exclude Nothing

Excludes no URLs from the site


Contains all of the selected segment somewhere within the URL

Start With

URL starts with the selected segment

Equal To

Entire URL is equal to the selected segment

Contains All Of

Contains all of the selected parts across any part of the URL

Contains Any

Contains any of the individual selected parts

Matches Regex

Uses regex to target common or random paths - you can build expressions using this tool

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