Outlier filtering gives you the option to remove (or include) outlier sales and revenue from performance tables. This change helps you get access to more reliable test data that only shows results that are in the normal sales range of your site.

Turning on Filtering

To enable outlier filtering, head to the website settings tab. Here, you’ll see a checkbox that allows you to toggle this feature on and off.

Displayed next to this toggle, you’ll also see two sales values that explain what the outlier range is. It may be helpful to cross reference in Google Analytics to ensure that the sales range is not excluding legitimate sales.

Turning this on will automatically remove any single sales and the associated values if they are listed as an outlier. Any sales not listed as an outlier will continue to be counted.

Additional Notes

An outlier is when a purchase value falls outside 5 standard deviations from the average purchase value seen for that website. Standard deviations refer to the dispersion of data and removing any data that is outside the 5 deviations from the average allows us to discard anything that is a good distance from what we would consider a normal sale value.

Outlier filtering is only applicable when 100 control sales have been reached (per campaign). This is because the dispersion of data below this amount can be quite wide, meaning we may inadvertently filter sales that were otherwise legitimate.

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