By default, we enable our Google Analytics integration that sends events to the account attached to your website. If you don't want us to pass these events to GA, you can turn this off within the platform in Settings.

Understanding Events

All Yieldify campaign impressions, clicks, closes and submits are passed to GA and can be found in Behaviours > Events. Interpreting these events is simple - below is a table that helps identify the level at which you'll find the information you need:

Event Level





Campaign Example - Control - Overlay 1



Event Actions

Actions contain the bulk of the information needed to begin creating filters to identify campaign usage. A standard action will contain a campaign name (as set in the platform), as well as the split type (where A is a variant group, and control and B are the other split in an incrementality and A/B test respectively). The final property is the stage shown - this is only changed when a campaign has >1 stage.

Event Labels

Labels are a subcategory of actions and typically make more sense by drilling down into an action (rather than looking at them in isolation). Here, you'll see the total number of impressions, clicks and closes. In instances where your campaign has >1 CTAs, you can use the element ID appended to the label event to understand which option is which.

Specifying tracker names

With your GA account connected, you have two options on how Yieldify sends our campaign data: Send to all trackers or specific trackers.

  • Send to all trackers is our default option. This is the recommended option if you want all Yieldify campaign events to be sent to all of your GA trackers. This will send an event to each tracker.

  • Send to specific trackers is the recommended option if you have multiple trackers but want to be specific about which of those trackers you wish to send events to. Our tag identifies all the tracker names on your website and sends the same events to them all - not specifying the trackers could lead to multiple GA events being seen for one Yieldify campaign event (like impression or click).

Configuring the Tracker Setup

To find the GA tracker name to use, you will need to talk with the administrator of your account. Additionally if you have Google Tag Manager, you can find your tracker names by going to:

  • Workspace -> Tag

  • Click on the relevant GA tag

  • Edit the tag configuration

  • More Settings -> Advanced Configuration

  • You will see Tracker Name under Set Tracker Name

set tracker name gtm
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