Sticky campaigns allow you to place campaigns on site, pinning or anchoring them to a specific element on the page.

With sticky campaigns you can:

  • Create more subtle campaigns that don’t take your user’s attention away from the main content,

  • Position your campaign anywhere you like. Place it over the product image, or hover it beside the add to cart CTA,

  • Place relevant messaging in a campaign floating next to a CTA and not in the corner.

The setup for a sticky campaign is a bit different to regular on page campaigns so we've broken it down into 2 steps:

Choose a Selector

The selector is the CSS identifier that you can specify to tell the campaign where you want it to appear. You don't need to know how to code to obtain this and you can do it from your web browser:

Find the element you want to attach your campaign to, right click it and hit Inspect. You'll then be presented with the dev tools panel that looks like the below:

From here you'll need to find the parent element (you can do this by seeing if there are any expanded arrows above the element you Inspected, you may already have the parent element). Once done, right click on this in the dev tools panel, scroll to Copy and Copy Selector.

Position your Campaign

You'll now want to head back to Yieldify and create a Sticky Campaign. With your copied selector, paste it into the Element box under the properties section:

After this, you'll need to position your campaign by deciding which corner or side you'll want to anchor to which part of the element/selector you've chosen. For example, if I want my campaign to appear below the Add to Cart button I've selected I would pick:

  • Anchor the top of the creative,

  • To the bottom of the element.

You can see what this looks like here - the campaign is now anchored to this button and won't move when a user scrolls.

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