Validation messaging allows campaigns to have a custom validation message for each input field, allowing users to identify errors in submissions more effectively.

You can use validation messaging to:

  • Decrease the amount of users who force 2 consecutive errors, by emphasising exactly what needs to be corrected.

  • Reduce frustration on the site and increase the rate of successful submits.

  • Give confused users confidence to rectify errors that prevent them from submitting their email.

Configuring Validation Messages

Validation messaging must be linked to a related input to surface. You can do this by selecting an existing input from the dropdown.

Once you have connected your validation message to an element, the configuration is complete. It is important to note that the validation message will not show when the campaign is triggered, but only once a validation error has been forced.


When you view the preview of the campaign creative in the platform on the review page you will see all validation messaging displayed by default. This is so you can preview the placement of all messaging.

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