Using dynamic social proof is a great way to make use of herd behaviour to drive conversions. Dynamic Social Proof uses live website traffic data to show the number of other shoppers viewing products in real time.

Setting up Dynamic Social Proof

Setting up dynamic social proof is easy - add it as a component to a format of your choosing and then select the time range that you want to count. Make sure you adjust your copy to account for this and you're good to go! Yieldify will automatically track how many users have been to the page that the campaign shows on.

Adding Social Proof Targeting

You may want to consider adding social proof targeting to any campaigns to ensure that you always show beyond a certain threshold. Explaining that only 1 person has viewed this product in the last day doesn't really achieve the same effect as 100 people!

To add this targeting choose ‘Dynamic Social Proof’ from the targets list and set the minimum (or maximum) threshold of page views required to display a Dynamic Social Proof message. For example, you might choose to only show Dynamic Social Proof if the page has at least 10 views.

We recommend showing double-digit numbers as a minimum to instil confidence in users viewing the message.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Yieldify count product views?

Dynamic Social Proof treats page views as a measure of product views. Products therefore need to have uniquely identifiable URLs or Dynamic Social Proof will not work.

We strip out any URL parameters after “?” and “#” for Dynamic Social Proof. So a product identifier cannot be stored as a URL parameter, otherwise Dynamic Social Proof will not work as expected.

Can Yieldify count anything other than views, such as sales or a product’s stock level?

We can but this is only available once built by our internal solutions engineers. Please reach out to your CSM if you're interested in this.

Does Dynamic Social Proof work on single page apps?

Single page apps are not fully supported at the moment. This because, as there is no page reloading, the Dynamic Social Proof message would not disappear between pages and would therefore also display on non-product pages.

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