These components enables campaigns with form submit components to collect richer data. Depending on the format, you can either restrict a user’s selection to a limited number of options, or allow them to choose from multiple. Using formatted components ensure that the collected data is error-free and easily segmented. Good examples include favourite product category, shoe size or a birthday month.

Configuring a Choice Component

Before designing the component, it's advisable to set a type. This can be one of the default types including gender, rating, birthday month, or a custom field. On dropdown menus, you can also set a placeholder that explains what the options are.

Custom Types

To configure a custom type, you'll first need to add a custom field and give it a name. After that, you can add the available options for the component by selecting the “Add option” button below.

This will reveal 2 inputs: “Option label” and “option-value”. Option Label is what users will see in the campaign, whereas the option value is what will be recorded in the Yieldify database when a user submits data.

Other Options

There is a checkbox which can make the component a required field. If a user does not choose a value when required, they will not be able to dismiss the campaign.

Radio groups and checkboxes have a dropdown that allows you to customise the size of the buttons to fit your campaign.

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